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Buy Kosher Kush Akureyri


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Kosher Kush


Firstly This great North American indica strain comes from Los Angeles, California. Kosher Kush has won 3-straight High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica awards from 2010-2012. Up to 29% THC!

Secondly  🌿 Grows tall and stretchy, so topping or cropping (SoG, SCROG) techniques

further more they are recommended for indoor growers. Untopped, Kosher Kush plants shoot their main cola high, leaving the lower branches far from the light.

in addition ⚖️This medium-heavy yielding(450-500 g/m2) indica strain prefers adequate magnesium

Nevertheless during flowering to help harden these dense buds. Some phenotypes of Kosher Kush may go longer than 10 weeks to finish.

More over 🍧 Unique woody flavor, similar to eucalyptus and some Widow strains.

On the other hand The effects of Kosher Kush are immediate, medical cannabis users rave about the therapeutic pain relief qualities of this indica variety.

It should be noted 👍 A good potent and award-winning heavy indica strain. Kosher Kush is easy to grow from both regular and feminized seeds.

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Sativa:IndicaPure Indica
Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
Seed BreederReserva Privada
Seed SexRegular, Feminized
YieldIndoors: 450-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 800+ g/plant

Kosher Kush grows quite tall and it is recommended to pinch the tops out in order to control

its tendency to stretch a lot while also evening out the canopy to aid access to the light thereby increasing yields which can reach 450 – 550 gr/m2.

Especially This is a very nice relaxing indica which gives an uplifting and happy sensation although over-indulgence can make you very sleepy.

GENETICSKosher x OG Kush
YIELDIndoors: 450 – 550 gr/m2
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME63 – 70 days
EFFECTEuphoric, Sleepy, Uplifting
AWARDS1st place (Indica) HT Cannabis Cup 2012

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